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About a year ago my doctor has informed that he thinks I could have hyperthyroidism. It was absolutely unexpectedly to me as in spite of fatigue and moderate weight loss there were almost no changes in my health condition recently. But when my doctor enumerated all possible symptoms I understood that many apply to me. I had a blood test afterwards and it showed higher thyroid levels I have gone through the symptoms and many apply to me. I get tired very quickly, feel strong panic at times and my heart beat goes sky-high. In addition to all that I have chest pain and due to panic attacks and high heart rate can't fall asleep for hours sometimes. After a long consultation and many tests my doctor decided to put me on Carbimazole. He says this is the most effective drug he has applied for hyperthyroidism in his practice, it brings the thyroid gland back to normal functioning without creating additional problems. I started on Carbimazole immediately after the prescription and in a month the results were obvious - no more symptoms, perfect stamina and lots of energy, good temper and cool mind. And what is very important - no side effects! Carbimazole is a great drug when it comes to hyperthyroidism. I recommend it to others.
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I am thirty years of age and I have been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism about five years ago. At that time I didn?t even know what the word means. And before the diagnosis I didn't know what was happening to me. It all looked as a weird bunch of symptoms that could be related to almost every disease in the world. Now I understand that the first symptom of hyperthyroidism was weight loss but when it started I paid no special attention to it. Weight loss is not a big problem if any. So I gradually lost about 50lbs but even that didn't warn me. Sometime after me heartbeat changed dramatically, it was racing and I couldn't cool it down. I was as if overthrilled, sweating nonstop and gradually developed panic attacks. When this condition got stable I had to call a doctor as because of general anxiety I couldn't even sleep at night. That was the first time when I heard about thyroid storm and was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. I started reading a lot about the condition and now I?m much better educated in that field. I take Carbimazole to bring my thyroid level to normal and this medication is very helpful. It allows me forget about panic attacks and many other symptoms by relieving my condition quickly and easily. The effect is pretty stable according to my health screenings. Hope one day I will be able to go on without meds at all.

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