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About a year ago I developed horrible cluster headaches after a car crash I got into. The accident was not really serious but I stroke my head against the steering wheel and a month after that these headaches started. At first they were hardly noticeable and I paid no attention to it but with time the intensity and frequency of the headache increased dramatically. Then I decided to consult with a doctor and he said my migraines were the consequences of the accident. He prescribed me with some medications but they were not really effective. They provided only temporary effect and then became useless. Other meds were not that bad, but the side effects were absolutely unbearable: fatigue, vomiting, blurred vision. I couldn't eat anything in the morning. But that was not the worst thing, what was absolutely unacceptable is that I couldn't drive my car because of the blurred vision. But I had to drive to work every day. So I chose headache to unemployment. And then the doctor prescribed me with Zolmist one day. Actually I was quite pessimistic, so many disappointments I had. But I decided to try, one more or one less, doesn't matter. You can imagine my surprise when after two weeks of regular doses I assumed that the medication relieved all my cluster headaches and caused absolutely no side effects at the same time. After two more weeks I got back my belief in a happy ending! The drug is a real wonder for me. I hope it will keep working the way it does now and I will no more have to dream about another effective medication. Try it out if you don't believe me.

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